The project

The project Virals “Virtual Immersive Arts Learning System” is a 2 years Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership in the field of Youth, which is aligned to the 2019-2027 EU youth policy cooperation strategy, focusing on three main pillars, with the final goal of enhancing the collaboration between youth work, technology and creative arts through:

1. ENGAGE: we want to create a visual map to elevate and amplify young people’s voices collecting online creative practices, and mapping youth centres and youth-friendly cultural places to facilitate networking, encountering, as well as staging. We want to analyse existing criticalities/barriers for networking among young people and create a bank of resources, good practices and a competence framework for each detected gap for young creatives and youth workers. This part will render an innovated DIGITAL NETWORKING METHODOLOGY for youth workers, young creatives/artists and disempowered young people.

2. EMPOWER: we will develop an online Academy and select n.24 young people experimenting and cross-sectioning different expertise, piloting training material and encouraging distance-based creative work through the enrolment in an online competition. Through the experimentation of online work, we want to facilitate the development of 6 transnational creative works, to improve the skills of involved youth workers in online facilitation & at the same time experiment the different networking steps by young people in making something concrete. The online learning material will be then accessible & open to any young person/youth worker who wants to approach online work.

3. CONNECT: we’ll create an experimental web application, that facilitates young people and youth workers to enhance competence-based to join each other’s projects, to simplify digital skill portfolios, to immediately ‘like’ and learn about existing digital projects and share experience in a very attractive way, making simple to resume one’s skills/interest tags and on project concepts.

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